These are LaLiga’s new salary limits: Atlético is injured

In the last few days it was finally possible to find out about the new salary limits from The league And there were no big surprises. economic control lowered the limit for paying their teams’ salaries to all Spanish professional football clubs from 3,052 million euros to 3,022 million euros. Furthermore, Real Madrid remained the team with the highest spending limit on salaries.

For their part, the major Spanish football clubs affected by the change were Barcelona, ​​Seville and Atlético Madrid. ‘Los Colchoneros’ went from 341 million euros, which he was able to spend in the summer, to 315 million after this readjustment after the closure of the winter pass book. It’s a cut of more than 25 million due in part to his poor season in Europe.

Who is most affected by LaLiga’s new salary caps?

LaLiga’s new salary caps have been set following the closure of the winter pass market and several professional Spanish teams have been affected. Still practical None of the new Caps sets are too surprising. Especially with teams like Barcelona, ​​​​​​Seville and Atlético Madrid who were eliminated in the group stage Champions League.

Furthermore, the factors that most influenced these new LaLiga adjustments have more to do with the transactions that have been made in the Winter Pass market than anything else. Either way, that’s the reality The above clubs need to reorganize their agendas to reduce their expenses and thus remain solvent for the next transfer window.

At the end of the day, in the specific case of FC Barcelona, ​​it was clear that there was less and less to do before the advantage of the so-called levers expired. the catalan club were already aware that they would have to be strict next summer. In addition, according to estimates by LaLiga President Javier Tebas, Barça would be forced to cut wage bills by up to 200 million euros in the summer.

How much can Barcelona, ​​​​​​Seville and Atlético Madrid spend now?

Exactly as mentioned above, except for Real Madrid, The teams most affected by the recalculation of LaLiga salary limits were Barça, Sevilla and Atlético. This is no coincidence as due to their respective eliminations from the Champions League and the different transactions made in the winter market, the above teams no longer have the same income and expense distribution.

In your particular case, the Mattress field is the one that needs to make a major change in relation to your reportable labor costs. And that’s it Atlético will be able to spend from 341 million euros to 315 million euros. The main reasons for the renewed cut would be the takeovers of Memphis Depay and Antoine Griezmann and, above all, the fact that Atlético does not take part in any European competition.

As for Sevilla, who also lost the Champions League and continued to compete in the Champions League europe league, the cut in his payroll would go from almost 200 million euros to 191 million euros. For their part, as mentioned, Barcelona are also one of the hardest hit, as if they can spend 656.43 million, they now have to adjust salary costs to a maximum of 648.82 million euros.

Least affected by LaLiga’s new salary caps

The case of different clubs in the Spanish league has been different after the adjustments announced by Economic Control. And that’s for obvious reasons Real Madrid remained the team that can spend the most in the salary of its players. For example, the “Merengue” team can use a maximum of 683.46 million to pay its footballers and coaching staff.

For their part, there have also been other Spanish professional clubs whose limit has increased. And it is that despite the fact that the general limit of the First Division has decreased, There are more clubs that have had their spending cap increased. These are discrete increases that teams like Valladolid, Valencia, Almería, Girona, Mallorca, Cádiz, Betis, Rayo Vallecano and Celta de Vigo do well despite everything.

What are LaLiga salary limits and what are the consequences?

LaLiga Salary Limit or Sports Squad Cost Limit is a mechanism implemented by the economic authorities of the Spanish football tournament to keep clubs solvent. This is one of the main tools of financial fair play in Spain, through which the Economic Control sets the maximum a team can invest in its registrable roster (players and coaching staff) and their non-registerable squad (academy, subsidiary and other sections).

The expenses for the aforementioned reportable employees include both fixed and variable salary payments, social security contributions, collective bonuses, assignment of image rights, etc. All these aspects are taken into account and based on the income of the association and its expenses LaLiga uses a mathematical formula to determine the legal limit in relation to payroll.

For many, the limits imposed by LaLiga to spend salaries on Spanish professional teams adversely affect the competitiveness of the tournament. And the fact is that the Spanish league is becoming more and more financially restricted on its participants compared to other European leagues.

However, as you can see Raising salary caps doesn’t solely depend on what LaLiga decidesbut the efficiency of the clubs and their sporting ability to surpass one another in national and international tournaments.

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