NBA: Data and Analysis of the Best Games of the Weekend (March 24-26)

The action of the crucial segment of the regular season nba continues this weekend with several notable encounters for various reasons. The first of them will have the visiting team as big favorites to win. does that happen already placed Milwaukee Bucks go to the Vivint Arena to challenge a needy Utah Jazz.

On the same day, but a little later, perhaps the best engagement of the day takes place. The Sixers, also guaranteed ticketed, travel to San Francisco to try to exploit his favoritism over the warriors. Finally, the drunken Grizzlies will be looking to get a good score on a difficult visit to the Atlanta Hawks’ State Farm Arena.

Schedules of the best games of the weekend in the NBA

The Milwaukee Bucks’ away game against Utah at Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City is scheduled for Saturday, March 25 at 2:00 p.m. Then, On the same day, Saturday, the big game between the Sixers and the Warriors It takes place at 3:00 p.m. on the Chase Center tables. The game between Memphis and Atlanta is scheduled for Sunday, March 26 at 11:00 p.m.

Utah Jazz-Milwaukee Bucks Saturday 03/25/2023 at 02:00
Golden State Warriors-Philadelphia 76ers Saturday 03/25/2023 at 3:00 am
Atlanta Hawks-Memphis Grizzlies Monday, 03/27/2023 at 00:00

Utah Jazz – Milwaukee Bucks Prediction

The Salt Lake City quintet will try Take advantage of their positive stats as a local team against an unstoppable team like Milwaukee. Prior to that commitment, Utah’s final precursor was defeating the Sacramento Kings. Additionally, the Jazz has recorded 2 straight wins in their last 10 matches for a total of 5 hits. Utah Jazz appears in tenth place in the west, only 2 wins from the playoff zone.

Milwaukee Bucks, leaders of the Eastern Conference and the entire NBA, will be looking for more wins to stay in place as the team clinched their postseason spot earlier in the week. Prior to this clash, the Bucks beat the Toronto Raptors at home and scored 7 goals in their last 10 games.

3 Keys to Betting on Utah Jazz – Milwaukee Bucks

  • Jazz put Lauri Markkanen on the disabled list and Jordan Clarkson. However, the Finn and top figure of the team could be against Milwaukee.
  • He Milwaukee Bucks road record and the Utah Jazz home record are identical (22-13).
  • Milwaukee Bucks has Scoring average per game of 116.3one fewer than the 117 that Utah allows per night.

Golden State Warriors – Philadelphia 76ers Prediction

Golden State is in the qualifying zone from the Western Conference by a very narrow margin (one win ahead of seventh place). Consequently, the Californians need to put on a good game at the Chase Center. One of the Warriors’ most recent results was the Houston Rockets’ home win, which ended a streak of 3 straight falls.

Philadelphia 76ers, like Milwaukee and Boston, secured their berth for the postseason in the same week. Third overall in the East, the Pennsylvania team intends to keep fighting for the lead that is three games away. One of the most recent results for the Sixers was the loss to the Chicago Bulls, which only served to end an 8-win streak.

3 keys to betting on the Golden State Warriors – Philadelphia 76ers

  • The Philadelphia 76ers are the favorites the meeting with a probability of 60%.
  • Golden State Warriors is one of the best local teams in the entire championshipwith a 29-7 mark.
  • The Sixers have Joel Embiid leading the points average per game in the entire NBA with 33.6 touchdowns.

Atlanta Hawks-Memphis Grizzlies Prediction

The Hawks welcome the Grizzlies to State Farm Arena with the idea of ​​moving further into the Eastern Conference hot zone. Same goes for Atlanta 4 wins away. It is worth noting that prior to their duel against the Pacers, the Hawks had beaten the Detroit Pistons and thus had a deal poor stats of only 2 goals in his last 5 games.

For his part all of Tennessee is very well received. And it so happens that the Grizzlies managed to chain 3 wins before their series against the Houston Rockets. Additionally, the Memphis are second in the West classification table, with a record of 44-27, just 3.5 games behind the lead held by the Denver Nuggets.

3 keys to betting on Atlanta Hawks – Memphis Grizzlies

  • The Atlanta Hawks leave with one acceptable record as a local of 20 wins for 15 losses so far this regular season.
  • The Memphis Grizzlies’ victory on that mission has not been so certain since has a 55% chance of success.
  • Atlanta Hawks is one of the teams that makes the most annotations per game in the NBA (117.6 points)

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