Interesting bets on Champions League Quarterfinals return: who will win?

From Tuesday April 18th to Wednesday April 19th the second legs of the qualifying rounds will take place Quarterfinals of Champions League 2022/23 in which we will enjoy authentic games like: Napoli – AC Milan, Chelsea – Real Madrid, Bayern Munich – Manchester City and Inter – Benfica.

In this case, Inter, Real Madrid, Manchester City and AC Milan will go into qualifying as favorites after arriving with an advantage in the first leg.

Napoli – AC Milan prediction | Champions League Quarterfinals

Let’s go somewhere with a meeting Napoli must win by 2 goals or more to come back and qualify. After losing 1-0 in the first leg, AC Milan start with a certain advantage, although I really feel Napoli can still reverse the poor result of the first leg.

Prediction Chelsea – Real Madrid | Champions League Quarterfinals

Now we have to talk about a draw that seems pretty determined and where I think Real Madrid will be able to qualify relatively easily, also taking into account that they will visit Stamford Bridge with a 2-0 lead from the first leg. Therefore, it would be one of the great surprises in Chelsea FC history if this Chelsea FC managed to defeat Real Madrid Champions League.

Bayern Munich – Manchester City Prediction | Champions League Quarterfinals

We now come to the big draw for this quarter-final, where the 3-0 first leg in England’s favour, perhaps leaves it a little ‘decaffeinated’. However, the fact that the game will be played at the Allianz Arena gives a chance to a FC Bayern Munich who already has the opportunity to come back from the game without losing. Despite everything I think Manchester City will win again and qualify.

win manchester city


Inter – Benfica Prediction | Champions League Quarterfinals

We ended the duels with a meeting where Inter are the favorites to qualify, especially after the 0:2 in the first leg. However, this result is a bit misleading considering what we saw in the first leg, so I really feel Benfica can win the game and even go beyond 90 minutes.

Odds and Winning Prediction Champions League Quarterfinals | codere

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