They assure that Messi will not stay at PSG: will he return to Barça?

Messi will not continue at PSG. This is the news of the week. The PSG board have confirmed they will no longer negotiate the Argentine’s extension and with a sanction attached, it looks likely This Sunday against Lorient was the last game of “La Pulga” with Parisian painting.

The French club would have made the decision taking advantage of a trip Leo made to Saudi Arabia. The same, which was supposed to follow an advertising campaign, had not been approved by the club. In this way, Al Khelaifi’s determination not to continue to insist on negotiations that were on track until the end of last year and stalled for several months, arguing that ‘no player is above the club’.

Messi won’t continue at PSG: the open secret is finally confirmed

“La Rupture,” that’s the headline chosen by French newspaper L’Équipe to verify the news that suggests it Messi will not continue at PSG. The respected French media outlet has confirmed a rumor that has become very loud in recent months. This time everything seems to indicate that the Parisian club’s patience has been stretched after the defeat by Lorient and a trip by Leo to Saudi Arabia last Monday.

Apparently, Messi had to be in the Arab country to fulfill certain promotional obligations to that country’s tourism ministry. But after the mentioned defeat against Lorient, At PSG, they decided to change the agenda for Monday, a day that was supposed to be a day off, but on which the team was also called to practice. In the end, due to a misunderstanding, the Argentine’s trip couldn’t be rescheduled and was deemed not approved.

The consequence of the above was a suspension, thanks to which Messi will miss two of the next PSG games and do not receive the corresponding share of the salary. This is undoubtedly the moment the Paris Saint-Germain board have been waiting for to justify a result they have been waiting for months: PSG were fed up with insisting Messi stay one more season.

How does the sanction relate to Messi not continuing at PSG?

As already mentioned several times, Talks between Jorge Messi and the Paris board to complete Leo’s renewal were on track before the World Cup in Qatar. But after the world title and after the renewed failure of the team in the Champions LeagueThe situation took a radical turn. And it is that after the events mentioned above, Messi’s goals have completely changed.

According to various sources, long before this week’s incident, the Argentine star had expressed his opposition to the sports project that PSG are preparing for the upcoming season. Allegedly, Messi considers it uncompetitive and would have made his irrevocable decision not to officially continue in the team where he still has a contract until June.

The above didn’t go down very well with the PSG board, whose priority was to keep Rosario for at least one more season. This, in turn, provoked the radical reaction of the Qatari chief, who even called an urgent meeting, which ended with the mentioned suspension.

Now that Messi will be gone from PSG, is Barcelona’s time finally coming?

Although it gives the impression that this is a premeditated situation and that it falls like a glove Barcelona FC, the reality is that nothing that happened seems related. It’s true that from Barça, they are already openly expressing a desire to have Laos back. However, what happened this Monday was so unexpected that perhaps it all stemmed from a series of completely fortuitous events that will almost undoubtedly benefit the Catalan club.

In that sense, the answer to the question posed at the beginning of this section is a resounding yes. Definitive, This is the moment Joan Laporta and company have been waiting for, for whom Messi’s “last dance” in the Culé team has become a veritable obsession. This completely paves the way for what has been discussed in the Barcelona environment for some time.

As unbelievable as it may seem, many sources confirm that the contract that will serve Messi to complete his triumphant Camp Nou return has already been drafted. It will involve an agreement for a couple of years and some terms that are not yet fully known. What is known for sure is that the transaction is possible and practicalBarça would even have the approval of LaLiga.

So, after what happened in Paris, there is no doubt that it is a matter of time before all the speculation becomes reality. Lionel Messi will most likely arrive in Barcelona before the start of the North American tour of the Barça team that will help the culé team to get even more out of the long-awaited comeback.

How the team will face the end of the season after Messi won’t continue at PSG

Honest, It’s very likely that the Paris team won’t take offense at the Argentine’s absence in their next games. It’s true that the mere presence of Messi on the pitch opens up a world of possibilities for PSG. However, games like last weekend have shown that Leo’s influence isn’t exactly decisive in difficult times.

Based on the above, there’s a big possibility that the solution PSG need isn’t just the exit of ‘la Pulga’. part of Said solution should also be the farewell to figures like Neymar. which, despite its quality, has negatively affected PSG’s competitiveness with some recruitment.

To sum up, Messi’s non-continuity is unlikely to affect the team, at least in the short term. And it is PSG that takes the title league 1 almost in my pocket You don’t have to worry about a complicated schedule. Maybe that’s why the insignificant quota [1.01] that offers Bet365 for a new consecration of the Parisians in the French tournament: the other two options in this regard are Marseille [41.00] and the lens [81.00]. Earned Quotas bet365.

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