Reasons Real Madrid could beat Manchester City in Champions League semi-finals

Guardiola and Ancelotti Real Madrid in the 2021-2022 Champions League semifinals (Madrid) ©imago images / Shutterstock, 05.04.2022

Real Madrid and Manchester City meet in the semifinals Champions Leaguewith the first leg being played on May 9th at the Santiago Bernabéu and the second leg on the 16th of the same month.

They are the 2 teams with the greatest chances of winning the Champions League from the 4 remaining, so it is estimated that the next Champions League champion will likely emerge from the winner of this tie. Of the two sides, Manchester City are favorites for the grand final but Real Madrid are clinging to the few records in their favor to try and surprise.

We discuss the reasons why Real Madrid beat Manchester City and reached the final at Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul.

Reasons Madrid can beat Manchester City

  1. Story: History is the great asset of whites, and while not a determining factor, it is always present. Manchester City is a side whose rise is relatively new despite being a centenarian club, but until not too long ago it was Manchester United’s ‘poor neighbour’. In stark contrast to Real Madrid, who have been winning trophies for decades and are at the top of football around the world.
  2. Champions League: If there is a team with special magic in the Champions League, then it is Real Madrid, who fight for outstanding performances in the highest European competition even in seasons in which the league is not as successful as in the current one. Thus, they have reached 14 Champions Leagues in total, twice as many as the second strongest team, namely Milan. For their part, Manchester City only played in the 2021 final, losing it to Chelsea.
  3. The precedent: Last year they already met in the semifinals and Manchester City was also the favourite, but Real Madrid managed to get to the final and win it too. That they lost 4-3 in the first leg in Manchester and lost 1-0 in the second leg up to the 90th minute. But then they scored 2 goals in 2 minutes to even the tie and already in the 95th minute Benzemá brought madness to the stands with the goal that gave them the pass.
  4. player: It’s worth it that Manchester City have players of the caliber of Kevin de Bruyne or Erling Haaland himself, but Real Madrid don’t miss out either. In their ranks they have Benzemá, who is experienced in many more battles than the Norwegian and a key player in reaching 14th place. Then there are other players who can upset any game, like Vinicius with his innings or Rodrygo, who just scored twice for Madrid in the Copa del Rey final. And among the sticks is Courtois, supported by Militao, who is a sure thing, or Camavinga, who lives in constant evolution. Then the midfield with people like Luka Modric or Toni Kroos overflows with experience and quality.

Will Real Madrid win the Champions League?

Real Madrid are favorites to win


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