LaLiga is exposed by a new case of racism in Spanish football: Vinicius, the victim

Vinicius, the extraordinary Brazilian winger on the left flank of Real Madrid, is back in the headlines for the umpteenth time after being the victim of racist abuse in 2019 The league. The setting for this new and unfortunate episode was the Mestalla Stadium, home of Valencia CF. Likewise, the protagonists were a group of undesirables who verbally and gesturingly attacked the young merengue attacker from the stands of the building.

To make matters worse, Vinicius ended the signing by seeing the red card for responding to an earlier attack by Hugo Duro, a footballer from the local team. This was the result of the embarrassing incident that triggered an unprecedented outpouring of reactions. Both in support of the footballer and Critics of an opinion matrix whose goal, according to some, is to bully the Brazilian.

Vinicius accuses LaLiga of not taking action against racism in Spanish football

Vinicius, the Spanish First Division player who has conceded the most fouls this season, He was left out of one of the most deplorable shows Spanish football has ever seen in recent times. In the game against Valencia, the Brazilian was judged harshly after responding to a grab during one of the game’s altercations.

Because of this arbitration decision and the racist insults he received, The South American player withdrew from the field in anger. This was clearly noticeable in his gestures when leaving the field, with which he also pointed out the possible relegation of the “che” team to the silver category. The download of Vinicius on social networks was not long in coming.

On his Instagram profile, the Brazilian soccer player published a blunt sentence: “The price for the racists was my expulsion. It’s not football, it’s LaLiga”. The striker clearly referred to the tournament organizers LaLiga’s lack of a strict crackdown on people committing racist acts in stadiums.

It’s not the first time Vinicius has made such a complaint. And it’s been like this for a long time The footballer was discriminated against by many fans of opposing teams in the Spanish tournament. It must be made clear (without being construed as justification) that this type of abuse has taken place in various cases in response to specific provocations by the player.

Javier Tebas’ reply to Vinicius

Some of the Madrid player’s words come from his anger that he thought about it LaLiga didn’t do enough to protect him from constant attacks nor to ban racism from Spanish football. Worse still, according to various Real Madrid members, the tournament organizers have ignored the club’s complaints.

However, through a ruthless tweet, the president of the competition Javier Tebas has tried to explain the reason for the alleged inaction. Part of Tebas’ explanations to the Brazilian read: “Before you criticize and insult LaLiga, you have to do your research properly,” and he ended: “Don’t let yourself be manipulated and make sure you understand well the powers of each individual. “

Obviously, Thebes’ decision to engage in direct discussion with the player via a social network was completely wrong. Nevertheless, It is important to understand that the position of manager is fully justified.

Actually, The imposition of sanctions in matters of this nature is not LaLiga’s responsibility, but of the competition committee of the RFEF, the national commission against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport as well as the hate prosecutor’s office and the courts. It should be noted that LaLiga has in fact filed all relevant complaints with the bodies mentioned above.

Sign of support for Vinicius

How could it be any different, The football world has expressed its solidarity with the Brazilian athlete in different ways. For example, Frenchman Kylian Mbappé took to social media with a short but powerful message of support. The same applies to his teammates and his coach, who insisted on denouncing the persecution against Vinicius in front of the microphones.

Additionally, One of the publications on social networks that has attracted the most attention has been that of Rio Ferdinand, former England international and Manchester United legend. Among other things, the Brits said: “It is necessary to stand together and demand more from the authorities who run our game.”

with your words Ferdinand calls for reflection Indeed, according to the conclusions, if there is not the necessary coherence in denouncing such facts, it is very likely that in the end no sufficiently forceful measures will be taken.

What impact does what happened at the Mestalla have on Real Madrid’s performance?

It is important to emphasize that while it is entirely true that Vinicius was the victim of racism countless times, The Brazilian’s attitude would be an aspect to work on by the player himself and the institution.

One must not forget that Vini is widely known for its burlesque festivities.. Additionally, the sportsman has repeatedly shown he is worryingly prone to losing control given the reactions he often elicits from the rival public.

Apparently, Racism cannot be justified under any circumstances. However, it’s quite odd that of all the African American players (of great quality and talent, it’s worth noting) playing in LaLiga, Vinicius is always the most vilified.

In short, this whole situation stems from a serious issue that requires thorough and honest reflection from everyone involved. just as, Surely the unfortunate events of Mestalla will set a precedent for thatHopefully it will encourage exemplary action in the end.

Anyway, The support that the player receives will surely give him enough power to overcome what happened and focus on the challenges that remain for his team at the end of the season. The next of those appointments will see them perform as Rayo Vallecano natives on Wednesday, May 24th. It will be a game in which, as bets show, the merengue side will be the clear favourites: Real Madrid [1.65]tie [4.00] and Rayo Vallecano [5.25]. odds bet365.

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