Best bookmakers for Europa League final 2022/2023

The Europa League 2022/2023 has reached its grand final, which in this case will be played by Seville and the AS Romanext Wednesday May 31st at 21:00 in the Puskás Aréna in Budapest (Hungary). (Spanish Peninsula Time). As always, a final of a European competition is quite the event in the world of sports betting. That’s because Bookmakers pay particular attention to a wide range of markets for this event.

Six-time UEFA Cup and UEFA Europa League champions Sevilla meet 2021/22 UEFA Europa Conference League champions Roma in the final in Budapest. The only previous meeting between the two sides in UEFA competition came in the 2019/20 Europa League round of 16, when Sevilla prevailed 2-0 in a game played on neutral ground in Duisburg.

It is common for sportsbooks to organize promotions in the form of special bets or additional markets to encourage fans to celebrate and enjoy such a special event as the final of a European tournament and the Europa League is very important. So here we review how they deal with it best bookmaker this final of the Europa League 2023.

The 7 best betting shops for the 2023 Europa League final


Best bookmakers of Europa League 2023

Before we know which is the best house in which to do our work Betting on Europa League 2023, we must take into account that the sportsbooks operating in Spain under the .es domain are all legal and have a license to market their games. They all try to offer their customers news and the best products to stand out from the huge competition that exists between them all.

We will check some of them with the absolute certainty that they all meet the requirements of Spanish legislation to carry out their work in our country.


Bet365 shows full dedication for the 2023 Europa League finalwith multiple betting options divided into 7 tabs such as “Popular” where are the bets most followed by the general public, “Create Bet” where you can create a bet (simple or combined) to your liking, “Asians”. “in which there are all possible markets with the Asian handicap and different possibilities within the same market, “Objectives” in which you can choose between many options (total goals, goals from each of the teams…), “1st/ 2nd Half Time”, “Players” to select scorer, cards, passes etc., “Specifics” such as Penalties, Own Goals and “Minutes” to select what should happen in the different sections of the game.

In the same way, not only can you place bets before the game, but you can also bet during the game, i.e. live, so you can use the information about what you are watching and try to get financial benefits.

2 code

In codere We also have a large number of markets dedicated to this Europa League Final 2023 match that will be hosted by Sevilla and AS Roma. with up to 14 different markets with a large number of options in each of them such as Main, Goals, Final Result, Teams, Combination, 1st/2nd Portion, Handicap, Corners and Cards, Goalscorers, Special Players (with more). 60+ different betting options on player performances from both teams), assists, shots, shots on goal and next minutes (to bet on the live event)

You can also bet ahead of time on which team will be crowned champions and how they will win (whether in regular time, overtime or on penalties).

3- Betway

betway It has an interesting room entirely dedicated to the Europa League final, which will be played between Sevilla and AS Roma this year.

There are up to 25 different market types and hundreds of options available to clients in the “Main Markets” section, and almost all markets have the option to “cash out”, which simply means being able to withdraw money (making profits or suffering losses). minimize) at the desired time without having to wait for the end of the game.

They have also included the Create Your Bet section, as could not be otherwise for a sportsbook as popular and competitive as betway. You can also bet on “Goals”, 1st/2nd Halftime and “Other” place where you can choose dozens of markets, whether goals will be scored in different time intervals, or 1X2 also between time periods or which team will score before a certain minute, or if one of the participants will score a goal or stays at zero…among many other options.

Betway also has one of the best rated online casinos in the Spanish market and is the bookmaker that pays the most attention to eSports games.

4- marathon bet

marathon betthe bookmaker with the highest odds on the market in all events and in all options and, how could it be otherwise, taIt also increases anticipation for the 2023 Europa League final between Seville and AS Monaco with a wide range of bet types.

Of course, on this game you can place your bets with the improvement that distinguishes this sportsbook, which is nothing other than 0% margin. Marathonbet’s 0% margin means that the gambling operator’s commissions on the betting markets are reduced to the maximum, making the offered odds more advantageous for the player when making his predictions.

This is not a promotion, but a strategy that Marathonbet uses to select a list of matches, fights, races or games from all the sports offers in its catalogue, where the 0% margin should be applied in order to increase its contributions to give value.

In the Pre-bets for the 2023 Europa League final In addition to the usual top scorer, player of the tournament, champion team, or which round each team will reach, we also have others that are much more specific, such as: B. whether the winning team scores in both periods, or “My markets”. In this section you can select your favorite markets so you don’t waste time looking for them before and during the game.


With win We enjoy full betting coverage of Europa League Final 2023. Of course, all sorts of bets are available to their customers for this grand final between Seville and AS Monaco, and then at Absolute Markets they take care of other long-term questions such as which teams will win the tournament and the way how they manage to get the win, be it in the 90 regular minutes, be it in overtime or on penalties.

Bwin has up to 10 visible tabs, allowing its customers to choose from a large number of perfectly defined markets, such as: B. Main, Number of Goals, Correct Score (where you can bet on both the final score and 3 chances to score). ), Handicaps, At Rest, Multigoal (so you can also choose the result at the end of the game and whether the contested teams will score multiple goals), 15 minutes, Team (you can choose between different markets for each game of the teams separately), Corners, in addition to “More” where clicking opens a few additional tabs with more offers and markets

For this Europa League final 2023 there will be no bet for a player who is not in Bwin.


888YesHarbor The big advantage over most other sportsbooks is that it offers great entertainment outside of sportsbook, with powerful online poker software and one of the most reputable casinos.

For bets on Europa League 2023 offers a wide range of markets for every selection and on a general levelB. the winner of the tournament, the goals scored in the game, the time (which goals will be scored in each half separately or what the result will be in the 1st or 2nd half), the handicap of the 1st half part, both Asian as well as European when both teams score in each half, and many others) and handicap (in the first half, in the second half or in the whole game).


Luck It is a house that does not stop growing and in which everything improves thanks to the fact that it allows balance movements from its physical premises and payments with Bizum, and it is also quite active in promotional matters.

For the 2023 Europa League final, it has prepared a real pre-match and live betting display whose markets you can filter by clicking on the appropriate tab on the main screen of the match between Sevilla and AS Roma in this way you can choose the option that you like the most and access it directly without getting lost in the multitude of markets available.

Luckia also has a great casino of tremendous quality available to all customers with a wide range of games and even virtual betting.

FAQ bookmakers Europa League Final 2023

Which is the best house for betting in the? Europa League Final 2023?

It would be very difficult to know what that is best house for betting in the Europa League Final 2023 Since every fan of sports betting has their own preferences and needs to judge what they prefer from the great offer that is available to them, they have to choose between bet types, promotions, customer service, the possibility to download an application and odds Bet365, marathon bet, codere, betway, betfredAnd 888 sports.

Which house offers better odds in the Europa League Final 2023?

Quotas are the reason for this marathon bet where it has no rival. It is true that every game is different and there is no exact science about it, but the general trend is that Marathonbet is the bookmaker that offers the best odds on football matches and that is also appreciated in the world Europa League Final 2023

Are there live betting houses? Europa League Final 2023?

Yes, that Bookmakers allow you to bet live and safely which contains all matches of the Europa League Final 2023. Live betting has improved a lot and now almost all bookmakers offer live statistics during matches to have more accurate information before betting.

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