Who will win the Second Football Division 2024?

The Second League of Spain, officially called the Hypermotion League and colloquially called the Silver League, is one of the most equal and therefore difficult to predict in all of Europe. We have a section of Predictions for the second league Here you will find the best predictions for all games in this league. However, in this article Our goal is to give an assessment of which team will win the 2nd leagueOr which teams could crown the season with the long-awaited promotion to the EA Sports League?

In the second division, a total of 22 teams compete against each other in a league format, which means they face each other twice, once in each stadium. The top two will be promoted directly to the 1st division, while places 3 to 6 will compete in a semi-final and final play-off to determine the 3rd and final place in the highest category of Spanish football.

Favorites to win the Spanish second football league in 2024

Below we carry out an analysis of the teams that have the best chances of winning the Hypermotion League 2023/2024:


In this 2023/24 season there is a team that is emerging as the maximum Candidate for victory in the 2nd league, i.e. Leganés, whose game is based on conceding very few goals and maximizing the goals he scores. In their ranks they have top strikers like Miguel de la Fuente and Dani Raba who make the difference.


One of the teams that Contrary to all expectations, Racing de Ferrol could win the 2nd division, which is surprising due to its promoted status. In A Malata he knows how to forge his own fortress and his best players will be Iker Losada or Heber Pena.


This year it seems that way Sporting de Gijón shows its candidacy to win the 2nd divisionor, if that doesn't work, promotion after two rather disappointing seasons in which they even flirted with relegation. The Asturian team, a classic of the league, shows an excellent performance in its games at El Molinón and could return to the First seven years later.


Espanyol has one of the strongest squads in the 2nd Division, and it's one of those “elevator” teams that are usually the weak ones at No. 1 while they're usually the favorites at No. 2. It is the team with the biggest budget in this category and if they make it, it will certainly be thanks to men like Javi Puado or Martín Braithwaite.


But If there is a team that deserves promotion to first place, it is Éibar, because their fans enjoyed the “Corconazo” with a goal in the 92nd minute that took them from direct promotion places into the play-off zone. They have managed to turn Ipurúa into one of the most feared fields, with their key players being Stoichkov and Aketxe.

I raised

It wouldn't be a surprise if Levante won the 2nd divisiona team that was relegated from the First Division last season and has spent all but one season since 2010 at the top of our football.

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Conclusion favorites Second League 2024

Our prediction is that Leganés will end up winning the 2nd Division or Hypermotion League 2023/24. However, this category is characterized by its complexity and fairness and we therefore see that the odds of its main competitors are all very balanced.

It must be taken into account that, unlike the EA Sports League, the dream of every second team is to rise to the top of Spanish football and that every single one of them would like to register for second place.

Top betting offices for the Second Division 2024

In our article how Bet on La Liga Hypermotion, You'll learn what type of bets we can make in this league, how to interpret the odds, and get the best expert betting tips. Below we will also introduce you to the best betting offices for the second league:

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